Corrective Exercises

The human body is comprised of multiple components, so a well-rounded chiropractic treatment plan consists of various elements to aid healing. Although chiropractic adjustments are undoubtedly integral to a treatment plan, corrective exercises and chiropractic care go hand in hand.

Although chiropractic care can address many health issues, problems often stem from simple muscle tension or strain. Chronic tension in specific muscles usually affects some areas of the spine, eventually leading to subluxation. While chiropractic treatment can help with spinal realignment, it does not address the underlying issue: muscle tension.

At Sperbeck Chiropractic Corporation, a large part of our chiropractic care and physical therapy services require active participation from the patient. When prescribed corrective exercises, we have seen people recover from physical ailments like back pain and neck pain quickly and with long-lasting results.

We teach our patients how to perform unique "blueprint" exercises, which help strengthen and correct the body's irregularities that may be the cause of pain. Patients can do many of these corrective exercises at home and regularly doing them will help improve how effective your chiropractic care plan will be at helping you.

Here is why you should consider active exercise for wellness and recovery:

  • Fully customizable: We can meet the unique needs of each patient.
  • Correct improper posture: Corrective exercises can be used to encourage improved neuromuscular influence and movement patterns.
  • Increased strength, flexibility, and endurance: Corrective exercises and stretches can help develop critical muscles in the spine, arms, and legs.
  • Enables increased blood flow: Resulting in gentle muscle pump action to promote tissue healing, reduced swelling, and reduced pain.
  • Beneficial effects: Manual chiropractic care and physical therapy techniques like spinal adjustments and the use of therapeutic systems like electrical stimulation produce significant results.
  • Increased well-being: Exercise can even positively impact the patient's perceived sense of wellness and psychological well-being.
  • Patients are often shocked to see how inflexible they are and how much their inflexibility contributes to their pain. Stretching exercises help with joint and tissue mobility and flexibility. They are great to do in conjunction with the other treatments that our chiropractic clinic provides. As your flexibility and mobility begins to improve, strengthening and muscle activation exercises effectively address weak muscles that have been inactive and therefore, do not function properly.

    Strengthening and activating these muscles creates a healthier and balanced frame that are better equipped at handling life and activity's physical demands.

    Many patients display recognizable muscular imbalance patterns and weaknesses that can be corrected effectively. Our physicians are able to accurately spot these signs and can work to correct them.

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